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What’s Your Number?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Different numbers

No matter what number you give yourself, many of us will likely want to improve on some area when it comes to our abilities.

Now think about the people on the wellness team with whom you work.

What number would you give your team with respect to its ability to succeed?

No matter what numbers you gave yourself or your wellness team, you have the ability to help your team go to the next level with your ideas and your performance.

Sometimes we can be shy about getting involved in a project because we don’t see ourselves at a ten. But your contribution can be that extra drive to motivate your team.

Even if someone doesn’t like your idea, if you put your idea out there, sometimes people will consider it once all the ideas have been put on the table.

As you grow from whatever number you are to whatever number you want to be, remember that your contribution is important.

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