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Pursuing Your MBA

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I have had the opportunity to earn my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Management, and I look forward to opening up a new chapter of success in my life.

The journey has taken two years, and I had to make lots of sacrifices. I didn’t party all the time; I had to stay focused for a goal worth accomplishing.

I think all of us should pursue an MBA.

Some of you may say, “An MBA? It’s not for everyone.” And I will counter by saying that we should indeed pursue our MBA’s.

I aim to convince you. I am speaking of pursuing your Much Better Alternative. This is an MBA that we can always strive towards.

Sometimes we are given what seems like poor options in life. For example, at work we may have to make tough decisions. We may be stressed, and that stress can make it difficult to make our way through a decision-making process. The Much Better Alternative may be asking for help.

Asking for needed help is not admitting defeat, but recognizing your own strengths and weakness. Sometimes as leaders we have access to tremendous resources on our teams.

The MBA in that situation may be realizing that there is a treasure trove of ideas to tap into on your team.

Sometimes the person that beats the drum the loudest is the one with the best ideas, but there can also be wonderful ideas to gain from those on the team who are the quietest.

Consider that everyone on your team can potentially make a contribution by sharing wonderful ideas.

I have seen many situations in which there is one person who performs spectacularly on the job, and the team builds confidence around that person’s ability.

If a person is more quiet or if that person doesn’t tend to participate with the same vigor, ideas from this person might be met with a sense of push back. This may occur simply because the team is used to the more direct person being more deliberate in the sharing of ideas.

Sometimes the much better alternative comes from your own experiences on the job. Not everything is written in a textbook.

Experience is an asset. Even if you feel that a younger, more educated person has more knowledge, draw upon your experiences as an asset.

You may be surrounded by a group of people with dynamic, fruitful and productive ideas.

Both in the role as the leader and in the role of staff member, one can make a difference by exploring other options.

Examine the ideas on your team.

See which team members present the Much Better Alternative (MBA)? Discover what else is possible.

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