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Just Say Thank You

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Most times I don’t hear a thank you from the person getting the compliment. I usually hear the person receiving the compliment almost apologizing for the compliment being given.

I hear excuses about why the compliment really has no merit.

I fall into the same category when I am paid a compliment.

Sometimes it might feel like it’s being humble, and this downgrading of the compliment can be very genuine. But what is wrong with a response of thank you?

People don’t generally go up to a person to give a sincere compliment expecting the other person to almost reject or qualify the compliment. Sometimes you recognize a great thing happening, and you have the irresistible urge to acknowledge and compliment that good thing.

This same issue can occur on our medical teams. We work hard each day.

Sometimes a compliment is hard to find. Many times I hear nurses complimenting one another saying, “you look cute!”

This is a basic and benign statement. And again I usually hear the nurse receiving the compliment qualifying the compliment so that everyone in hearing range knows why the compliment isn’t fully due.

On our teams I like it when I see people showing appreciation.

It’s good to compliment the team leaders and team members for helping make our day run so well. If we think about all the people we are thankful and grateful for, we would probably have a long line of people to compliment.

On the other side of the compliment, it’s nice to say thank you, and leave it at that. This is a part of great team building.

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