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From Gaming to Teamwork: Life Lesson Applied

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Four medical professionals of different ethnicities smiling at the camera

I enjoy PC gaming. The graphics are so vivid that some aspects of a game seem almost real.

When I think about the ups and downs and the challenges of life, I think about one of the lessons that I learned while in the gaming chair.

I could be on level 9 with the biggest, toughest opponent the game can offer.

My ability to defeat that opponent depends on several factors:

  1. Sometimes it’s my experience

  2. Sometimes it’s the weaponry that I have on hand.

  3. Most times I need the experience and the tools to complete the challenge. Once I remember facing a hardened opponent with great skills and weapons.

At times just for the sake of it, I have tried to get through the same level with the same techniques. If I fail to advance through a certain level of a game, there is a chance that, if I keep pounding away with the same techniques and possibly the same flaws over and over, I could make it through. But my gaming experience has taught me that the odds are low.

Maybe, instead of going at my opponent full steam ahead, I might choose to attack from the side. I may even think to use a different weapon. After struggling through hours of gaming and hours of challenges, with at times the odds stacked against me, I find myself defeating this opponent.

I accomplish my goals. Sometimes it’s with the help of other people in the game.

In the field of medicine it reminds me of a teamwork approach. Working together and bringing each skill set to the table to accomplish our common goal. Many times it’s learning to tweak our approach either individually or as a team and success can be right around the corner.

One time I finished a game level, but I was stubborn.

I kept trying the same techniques over and over thinking I would succeed. I realized that it may not be the weapons that I had at the time. It might be my experience. I might even realize that there is a glitch in the game that I can use to my advantage.

It happens just like that in life. After trying different techniques, after tweaking my game approach, I find that I always meet my objective. I will usually succeed with the right combination of experience, tools and techniques.

If you want to accomplish something and you find that your current technique is not working, tweak it a bit. It may only take 1 degree of difference for a successful experience.

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