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Improving Nurse-Physician

Dr. Vincent Johnson's I-C-FAR® Method helps medical professionals and organizations achieve excellence in patient care.


Meet Dr. Johnson

Founder of Nursing Bites and Creator of the I-C-FAR®

Dr. Vincent Johnson, M.D., M.B.A., is an internal medicine hospitalist who grew up on the west side of Chicago, where he discovered his passion for both creative writing and medical science.  He has worked in an outpatient office, a 24-hour internal medicine/pediatric hospitalist practice, and urgent care. His varied background, combined with his passion for writing, teaching, and patient care, led him to develop the I-C-FAR Method®  and Nursing Bites to help medical teams communicate more effectively.



Advice and articles on medical team communication.



Purchase I-C-FAR: A Guide for Nurse to Physician Communication and receive a free printable I-C-FAR pocket card!


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"Being a new nurse brings multiple stressors, one of which is the ability to exhibit confidence and display knowledge when speaking with physicians. We are taught as nurses how important communication is, but may not necessarily know the best way to get our message across. I-C-FAR is a fresh way to look at how we convey our messages and is an ideal tool to enhance communication so that messages are effectively transmitted and received. This improves the patient’s care and experience, in addition to creating a sense of unity among the care team. I-C-FAR enhances nurse confidence and enriches communication skills, which is an indispensable tool in the health care industry."


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"Communication among health care workers is essential to patient safety. As health care workers we need to strive for the clearest and most efficient way to communicate needs for OUR patients. Tools that help us accomplish this can only benefit patient care and teamwork. Using the communication model described here, ICFAR, can provide quick efficient information from the nursing team to the physician team members. This model has helped me to think as my medical partners think and give them the information that is vital to provide care.

>> When nurses use a communication method that is clear and concise each and every time they are communicating about their patient they build a practice that can only benefit their patient. That is why I have built this into my practice and I have seen increased understanding from my team members of the information that I am trying to convey that will in turn provide the best possible heath care for my patient.”



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