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I-C-FAR®: A Guide for Nurse-to-Physician Communication

I-C-FAR®: A Guide for Nurse-to-Physician Communication


Many of the conversations nurses have with physicians are brief, and you want to have the best impact in a short period of time. The eBook I-C-FAR®: A Guide for Nurse-to-Physician Communication does just that. It helps you with the fundamentals of good communication with physicians. When you are updating a physician about a patient’s condition, it’s important to know how to start off that conversation in a way that helps you express your confidence and helps you get your message across in the best way.


Research has shown that poor communication is linked to medical errors. As you get busier with your patients, you can also get distracted. It’s important to have an organized, effective way of presenting information to physicians. Some physicians are familiar with a patient while other on-call physicians are covering a service and may not be up to speed with a patient’s history. I-C-FAR® helps these conversations flow in a smooth manner.

  • I-C-FAR® helps nurses create a streamlined, efficient communication with physicians
  • It’s a logical, intuitive process that lets your thoughts flow naturally

As a physician I get busy and even distracted. I-C-FAR® helps me organize my thoughts, and I am able to get my physician colleagues focused on what I need. When I don’t use I-C-FAR®, I take more time getting my message across, and the communication does not flow as smoothly.

It’s important to start with a foundation of good, organized communication and build from there.

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