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Setting Intentions For Effective Communication

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Three smiling medical professionals with stethoscopes standing at a computer

I have spent hundreds of hours trying to communicate as effectively as possible with nurses and physicians.

This does not necessarily make me an expert on communication, but it does give me a lot of experience with an activity that I really enjoy. I want to communicate and show great teamwork so that patients witness this as well.

I think it is pivotal to begin a conversation with the right attitude.

Whenever possible, I have found it helpful to smile.

I have been in situations in which I have gotten into a mental funk, and this attitude has shown in my facial expression. How I feel at the beginning of the day can affect the whole day.

I might wake up with a heavy attitude if I start thinking about things that have bothered me the previous day.

I think it’s important to get out of bed and get ready for work with the intention of trying to make a difference. I try to think about what contributions I can make for the day.

We all have problems in our lives, but, at some level, we have to separate those issues from our professional environment. In a team situation at work, this separation is essential.

I think that the “game face” begins when you wake up in the morning.

Think about what you want to happen during the day. Will you think about what’s going to go right, or focus on all those things that could possibly go wrong? This does not mean that you ignore reality, but that your attitude makes you part of a team that communicates in a positive way.

When I get to work, I want to make sure that I add to the team, not drag the team down.

I want to contribute to my patients’ care, not neglect something because of my attitude. This might take some effort because every day isn’t perfect; some days you have more issues than others.

I like to stay as positive as I can—without living in a “wonderland.” I want to be fully present in the real world and look at all the possibilities.

Recently on my Facebook page, nursingbites, I updated my status as follows:

My plan for success for the day:

1. Get the nurses’ input. 2. Discuss patients’ plan of care with the nurses. 3. Work as a team.

What do you do to get yourself into a great mindset for work?

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