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Psst, You’re a Genius

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

genius at work

I grew up hearing about people like Albert Einstein being referred to as a genius.

It seemed obvious that a great scientist like Einstein would be a genius because he contributed a lot to science. I thought of a genius as someone who is special and different from everyone else.

As I have gotten older I realize more and more that we have our own talents.

We all have things that we enjoy and are also good at.

I expanded this concept of genius not only to areas like math, science and music. I thought about people who are social geniuses. I would describe these geniuses as people who can interact and network with others in a way that they just excel.

These people could even be strangers in a different city, and these social geniuses could connect with others like no one else.

I started to think of a broader definition of genius when one of my friends said that her son, who is a genius, commented that he wished that everyone else in the world was like him. I thought to myself about the different talents in the world.

Would my friend’s son have created the light bulb or the car, for instance?

We all have talents.

We should all think about those things that we do well and that we enjoy. These things may also come to us with ease.

If we take this concept even further to wellness teams in hospitals, we can tap into so many other talents.

On your team you may have many people who can shine their own unique light on teamwork excellence. I challenge you to think of how you can contribute to your team in a unique way.

Are there talents that you have which could take your performance and your team to the next level?

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